ICW Square Go Review 2015 (Hauners From David J Wilson)

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8 Reasons Why Galloway vs Renfrew Is So Significant


Aye I’m writing a “5/10/20/59 reasons why something topical is important, please click me” thing. So whit? When I done a piece taking the piss out of these things about Dolph Ziggler, I discovered that its fuckin fun. Fun to do the list itself, and also fun to have a wee thread of sarcasm running through it towards the fact that these articles are all you ever see these days. I’ll lay aff the sarcasm side a wee bit here, because this is serious. People don’t understand how much hinges on the outcome of Drew Galloway vs Chris Renfrew for the ICW Title at the Square Go, so I’m going to¬†hammer it home as hilariously as possible here. For me this match carries more importance overall than Jester vs Galloway did, because truth be told, a lot of people were ready for a new champion. A year is a long time in wrestling, especially as a title holder, and even if you’ve carried the belt with pride and represented the company it belongs to with nobility, the chances are folk are gonnae get bored. Wrestling fans are always waiting for the next big thing. That thing in ICWs case was big Drew. Continue reading

ICW Brush Your Goose Review

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ICW Fear and Loathing 7 Review (BARROWLANDS)

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ICW Fear and Loathing 7 Preview (BARROWLANDS – GLESGA – YASS)

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ICW – Lucy In The Sky With Divers Review (LEEDS)


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