Daniel Bryan


I’ve been thinking a wee bit lately about why Daniel Bryan is so over with the fans. While he is a likeable, and often very funny character, his promo work can be slightly hit or miss. Really just depends if the storyline captures his imagination or no, but sometimes it can miss the mark. In the ring for me theres naecunt better. His work in WWE has been so consistently brilliant for so long, than folk tend to forget they’re only really allowing him to use about 70% of his moveset. He’s capable of so many other braw hings. Punk is the opposite that way, very rarely misses the mark with any promo no matter how much he buys intae the storyline, but sometimes, whilst its usually superb, his wrasslin can get a bit sloppy. Spots missed, general disinterest when working wae certain folk (Ryback mainly) n a flying elbow which has always been a wee bit aff. I spose the reason he’s so over is kinda the same as the reason DBry is, but no entirely.

I reckon Daniel Bryan is so over wae the fans cause of one simple reason. He’s one of us. He didnae get intae professional wrestling cause his da/granda/great-granda/cousin/aunty/pet guinea pig were in it awready n it wis the easiest hing. He didnae get intae it cause his home life wis shite n wrestling wis his escape. He didnae get intae it cause he fucked his leg up n couldnae be a basketball player. He didnae get intae it cause he wis shite at powerlifting. He didnae get intae it cause Hulk Hogan persuaded him on the set of some shite film. He didnae get intae it cause his da tortured him in a dungeon. He didnae get intae it cause DDP met him in a bar n thought “here that cunts a tank btw!”..

Naw, he got intae wrestling because he fuckin loved it, and he wanted tae be involved it in some capacity no matter whit. Even if he wis tae be the cunt that washed the wrasslers reekin gear efter a long tour or suhin. He wanted tae be involved. So he gied it a fuckin shot. He decided tae train n see where it took him. Exact same dream each and every one of us has harboured at some time, n even a few huv actually gied it a go. That’s why he’s such a company man I suppose, cause its aw a blessing tae him. Every time they chant his name, every time they chant YES, every time they go daft when he wins, and flood the internet wae complaints when he disnae. He loves it aw. Its that love that allowed him tae take things like losing his WH Title at WM in 10 seconds, and being involved in a storyline that turned him intae the guy that hugged Kane a lot, and made them fuckin WORK. He took those attempts tae bury him, and made them the hottest hings in the company. Cunts remain outraged tae this day at the way his title reign wis ended, and theres still folk that wantae batter HBK after he betrayed him earlier this year.

Despite the apparent reluctance fae the Mcmahons and Triple H tae let him huv that spot at the top of the ladder, and his current affiliation wae the Wyatts, I’m still convinced our boays gonnae make it tae the mountain top once again, and this time fur keeps. Cause ye cannae stop progress. Simple as that. Ye cannae stop this unwavering belief that 90% of yer fanbase seem tae huv that he’s the guy tae lead ye intae the next signficant era in WWE history. He’s the guy tae lead us in tae the era of beautiful wrasslin galore, truly sinister and brilliant promo work at the hands of Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose in particular, and most importantly, he’s the man tae lead us intae the era of positivity. The era of no longer looking at wrestling in a sceptical way, and longing for eras of the past. He’s the man tae lead us intae the era of YES! YES! YES!