The Daily Thing – Day Three

Got something decent planned for the morras daily thing, but whilst I don’t wish tae weigh yees down with me being a negative Nigel, I’m tired as fuck, and this will most likely be kept short, sweet, and good to eat. Like a French Fancy kiddin on its a blog post. Or eh…..I dunno. I’m all metaphored out man. This is the 4th blog post I’ve had writing involvement in today (Cause yees aw know I was the star of the show for Davies thing eh? Course ye dae) and I just want tae lie slap bang in the middle of my bed, spread out like a starfish, and gently massage the contours of my baws wae an XBOX pad on a stick.

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The Daily Thing – Day One

So I had an idea earlier to do a daily post. Coming from an idea I had to do a daily drawing and stick it on the Facebook page. This is happening instead. Or it will happen till I inevitably get bored wae the idea, start phoning it, and patch it completely. I jest, but essentially it’ll be a combination of three things. First thing, any wrestling news from that day summed up with my thoughts and feelings on it. Second thing, a link to a personal favourite match of mine wae a wee explanation of why I like said match, and lastly. A drawing of some description. Thats the things. Thats the format. I’ll probably fuck about wae it, cause I like tae fuck about wae things, but aye. I like simple names for shit anaw. So it’ll be called The Daily Thing. Or The Daily somethin anyway. Cheap and cheerful. Just like masell, apart fae the cheerful part. Lets gie it a bash eh! Firstly…

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