An Interview With Carmel Jacob


Credit to Contraband Photography for the image.

Carmel Jacob is a wee bit good at this wrestling thing. Admittedly the first few times I seen her, whilst she was clearly talented, she wasn’t a person on shows I needed to see. When she took the mic at ICW There’s Something About Maryhill and tore a strip off everyone in…well Scotland really, thats when it all changed, and she has been on an absolute tear both on the mic and in the ring since.

Usually these intros are a bit longer, but d’you know what? Carmel said pretty much everything I might have in this bit. So I won’t keep you any longer. Get it read.

I find you a wee touch….well fuckin terrifying tbh. So I’ll try my best not to ask anything antagonistic at all. We’ll start off nice and easy. How did you get involved in wrestling, and what made you pursue it as a career? Continue reading

ICW – Get Mendoza! Preview

Six weeks in a fuckin row ICW. Really? I cannae dae it. It’s too much. Yees dae realise how much these shows suck the life out of people eh? If you’re a living breathing human, and you’ve been to ICW on a Sunday…the Monday after is not gonnae be pretty. Even if you don’t drink/partake in any other forms of intoxication, it’s still gonnae be a weary day. Making us do this 6 WEEKS IN A ROW(7 weeks out of 8 if ye were in London) is just cruelty. Intolerable cruelty. Or it would be if this wasn’t the best indie wrestling company in the fuckin world, and we weren’t all wrestling daft. Lets fuckin do it. Leg 2 of the big 6 week, jaw scuddin, arse booting, back cracking, bottle smashing err yer fuckin heid extravaganza. The Fringe run. Colt Cabana. The ICW roster. Burning Edinburgh to the ground. Figuratively like, but if a small fire breaks out somewhere, I wouldnae be surprised. Hopefully its somewhere in the vicinity of Tynecastle. Anyway. Wrestling show. No a lot announced for it so this will likely be havering nonsense. Lets do it. Shall we? Continue reading

ICW – The Goggles They Do Nothing Preview


Another pilgrimage tae Edinburgh aye? Would love tae tell ye I’m sick of the sight of the fuckin place, but I actually grow to appreciate it more and more with each visit. If ye can look past the cunts bumpin intae ye, and looking at yer withered Glaswegian face and sighing to themselves, its actually a nice city. Aesthetically pleasing, and the roaster-to-ride ratio burd wise is far more favourable than it is in Glesga (Talking about the City Centre there eh, I assume as ye move towards Tynecastle, the landscape becomes more dense wae those of the snaggletoothed persuasion) Anyway aye. Wrestling! Thats what we’re aw here for eh? A wee streetfight, some titles on the line, a couple of fractured tag teams going head to head, and eh….Mikey Whiplash quite possibly reducing oor Yum Yum tae something resembling the baked good he shares a name wae. So without further ado, lets preview.

Continue reading