The Daily Thing – Day Twelve (Emma’s a tube)

Emma (real name Tenille Daschsuhin, born at some point in the 1980s) is a professional wrestler of Australian descent, currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. 

UPDATE. Emma (real name Tenille, born in a hospital) is a professional wrestler from Australia, who used to work with World Wrestling Entertainment, before inexplicably stealing a stupit Ipad case and some Rye Bread outta Walmart, and being relieved of her position for being stupit.

THIS JUST IN. Emma (real name Terry Bollea) is a part-time bubble blower, currently signed with The World Wrestling Federation, after they decided they were being awfy harsh in releasing her before.

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WWE Smackdown Review 09/05/2014 (By Conneh Willliams)


Ahh Smackdown, mind how gid a show it used to be? Every saturday morning on sky 1, cereal in hand and butterflies in belly. It was all I looked forward to. But things change. And changed they certainly have. Lately Smackdown offers nothing, it appeals to me zero. I attempt to watch, I try so very hard but I usually pick my phone up and search pictures of Ambrose pierced ear instead. But, and here is where I contradict myself, this week’s show was good, really good. It was a packed with ACTUAL WRESTLING. Who’d a though it eh?
When a show opens with a delightful match it really makes life that wee bit better.

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