The Davey Thing – Episode 4 (Elimination Chamber, Rybaxel Promos, Cliffhanger Ending)

Honestly, if I knew we could just copy and paste old reviews and pawn them off as daily entries in a blog, I’d have a lot more daily entries under ma belt! In quite possibly the most heinous manoeuvre from a respected journalist, Marty’s latest column was just a rehash of an old review. Which ye should read btw, it’s a braw review of a braw show.

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WWE Extreme Rules Review (By Davie Curren)

In 1970 Diana Ross left The Supremes to pursue a solo career. She believed she was bigger than the group that made her famous. She wis a prick.

In 1987 Shelley Long left the cast of Cheers to pursue a film career. She believed she was bigger than the show that made her famous. She wis a prick.

In 2014 Martin Smith began writing for Fighting Spirit Magazine. The trend continues.

(He’s a prick).

He believed he could use ‘aw these wee twitter fannies’ as stepping stones. As cheerleaders, fawning over him and giving him maximum exposure, for nothing in return.

Do you think you’re his friends? Are you wan a they wanks at the latest ICW, that seen Jack Jester dae that Sheamus spot Marty hates, and gave him a knowing look, thought ye were having an inside joke with Marty? He doesn’t think of you as friends. He doesn’t even think of you as human beings deserving if respect. He thinks of you as a pageview. Another number on the tally as he climbs his way to the top.

He used you, and you are all so stupid that you are happy for him? You congratulate him, as if writing 600 words for a magazine that you probably don’t even buy is somehow a success. As if you had a hand in that success. As if he appreciates you. He doesn’t. As if he respects you. He doesn’t.

He doesn’t even respect you enough to review the latest WWE PPV. He doesn’t even respect the art of journalism enough to watch the event live. He slept through it, in a plush hotel in London, most likely funded by his sugar daddy, the editor of FSM. He doesn’t even respect you enough to ask someone else to review it. I asked him. I put aside our petty differences, I got over the horrific way he has treated myself and my writing, I reached out. For you guys. And he said ‘aye if ye want, gie they dicks suhin tae read’.

Welcome to my Extreme Rules 2014 review!

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