ICW – Shugs House Party Review


As per usual wae the aftermath of a big house party, there’s a lot tae contend with. First and foremost, everycunt’s hungover. Even those who did not partake in any alcohol or swedge consumption are suffering. I spent all of Monday lying motionless in a sweaty heap, while my pal whiteyed in my toilet, cause Sunday just…I dunno. It done that tae ye. It took every single ounce of energy you could muster, then booted you hard in the chest, rendering ye a pile of useless flesh…in the best way possible. DNA and a bone structure, thats all you are now. Maybe thats all ye ever were. The point is, Shugs House Party wasn’t the best wrestling show ICW have put on this year, but it was…momentous. A special night for the company and for everyone who gives a fuck about it, and its taken me a gid 24 hours just tae let it all sink before trying to put words on it that make any degree of sense. Continue reading

The Daily Thing – Day Four (Red Lightning)

The plan today was to do a bit of a longer thing about Drew Mcintyres future and all that, but I’ve no got a long post in me today. Been looking at jobs, and putting my appendix on EBay, so right not I’m a bit too pre-occupied trying tae book mysell in tae have it removed without having appendicitis or anything. So we’ve pushed the Drew article till the morra, but it’s coming. Don’t sweat it.

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