ICW Barramania Review


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An Interview With “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson


Liam Thomson is the type of guy you appreciate if you like your wrestling done correctly. Everything always works. Since splitting with Kid Fite and working as a singles wrestler pretty much everywhere, Liam Thomson has been arguably the most consistent wrestler in Scotland. Providing the perfect old school bad guy opponent for everyone from the jovial bumbag wearing Grado, to the scary as fuck bawbag kicking Tommy End. If there’s any justice with this wrestling carry on, 2015 will be the year Liam Thomson gets the widespread recognition he deserves. Every great journey has to start somewhere I suppose eh. So before he gets to taking over Scottish Wrestling one backcracker at a time, he answered some daft questions for us on everything from Carmel to Papa Shango.

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An Interview With Sha Samuels


Image Credit To Tony Knox

Sha Samuels gives me the fear. In wrestling, people who genuinely give you the fear are in short supply these days. Everyone has a vague idea of what their favourite wrestlers are like in person due to over exposure in social media and all that, but Sha Samuels is one of the few out there right now who still carries that mystique. That wee seed of worry that maybe he is exactly the character he betrays. A big loudmouth Cockey cunt (and he is genuinely a butcher) who loves nothing more than to come north of the border and slap some jock muggy cunts about. I think he might be a sound guy in person though. Maybe. Well he said yes to doing an interview, so that’s good right? Maybe I should have suggested we met in a pub to talk shit about northerners. Those cunts and their superior teabags. Fuck them. That would have ensured it went well, but aye. This is an interview with the man who’s single handedly terrorised the nightmares of wrestling fans throughout the UK. The Eastend Butcher. Sha Samuels.

Cards on the table big man. You shouted at me on one of the ICW Edinburgh shows last year and I’ve been having nightmares involving an animated butcher knife chasing me through the set of Eastenders since. So I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that 1. It was my pal who was mocking your accent and 2. You might be the scariest cunt on planet earth who isn’t currently serving prison time for being a serial murderer, Now that’s out the way, I suppose I should actually ask a question eh. How are you today big man?

Next time I see you I’m going to scream at you louder and longer. Apart from you reminding me that some jock cunt shouted at me in Edinburgh., I’m ok.

Haha ICW are in Edinburgh on Sunday. I’m not terrified at all…nope…not even a wee bit…moving swiftly on….

Right. Proper stuff now. Wrestling. You were a part of TNA British Bootcamp 2. Making it to the later stages before just missing out on a place in the top 6. Tell us a wee bit about the experience and how you feel it went?

I felt really proud to have been a part of Bootcamp because I genuinely felt that the put the best people through to the last 16. So to be considered one of the best was great, being part of the live show at York Hall was a great experience.

You were very much in character throughout the whole show. Were you asked to stick to that or did you decide it would be the best way to approach it?

Don’t want to sound like a cliche, what you see is what you get! no one told me to act like anything. It’s 100% fact that I’m a loud mouth ignorant Londoner. Anyone that knows me will tell you the same.

Your impact on ICW has been felt since your debut, and you’ve recently formed a new stable with James R.Kennedy, Martin Kirby, Timm Wylie and Kid Fite called “The 55”. What does the future hold for Sha Samuels and “The 55” ?

I am buzzing mate. This year in ICW will be massive. I’m enjoying everyone second of it. “The 55” is going to piss off a lot of people this year. We’re a group of blokes who love a fight. We ain’t gonna go out there and try to make you love us or try to be cool…We’re a bunch of ‘orrible’ cunts!
I thought I had a great 2014 with ICW so I hope that continues into 2015.

The physical embodiment of pure evil. Look them aw. And their fuckin……faces (heels)


Are you ever going to get sick of battering Grado? I love Grado, but the particular way you batter him looks like the most fun anyones ever had.

I will never ever get sick of slapping him and beating him up!!! it’s a blessing.

Seriously though, you’ve worked with Grado extensively in ICW and in TNA British Bootcamp. With you being very much the classic villain, and him the classic babyface, How enjoyable is it to work with him in matches that are a bit of a throwback? The first London match in ICW in particular told a brilliant story.

Since working him at ICW I’ve wrestled him so many times, I’ve even wrestled him Germany. I wish I could face him at every show I’m on. It’s a story that people connect with straight away. When we worked in Germany straight away there was no confusion people were on he’s side, he ended being the most popular guy on the show. People relate to him. Honestly I was so happy to work with him at the Bootcamp finals and the Barrowlands.

What’s the long term goal for you in wrestling?

To keep having fun.

This is how Sha Samuels has fun. Making chubby Jock cunts regurgitate Irn Bru.

This is how Sha Samuels has fun. Making chubby Jock cunts regurgitate Irn Bru.

Have you ever worked as a face? I’m more asking our of my own curiosity than anything else, as I just couldn’t picture it haha. You coming out and high fiving excited children would be like something out of The Twilight Zone.

Yes it was on a holiday camp in some backwards town and I was called…”Everyman”Samuels.
It was good but hopefully never again as I don’t like speaking to punters.

Here’s a wee snap from IPW of Sha Samuels reprising the “Everyman” character to ask Grado if he wants to chew tobacco with him roon the back of the social club.


Image credit to Oli Sandler Photography

What made you pursue wrestling in the first place?

I was just a big fan who happened to find a wrestling school near me. I’ve just stuck with it. So glad I have because it’s the most fun.

Last but not least, anything you want to tell us about here. Feel free. If Sha Samuels has a discount code for Netflix, let us know. If Sha Samuels has some sort of threatening promo to cut on someone, feel free to do it here. The floor is yours big man.

Twitter is @shasamuels

Go out and support British Wrestling there’s amazing talent good shows everywhere now…..Obviously stay away from the shit

Cheers to Sha for taking the time, and for answering the questions in such a entertaining and vaguely terrifying manner. If you want to see Sha probably battering Grado and various other Scottish folk, get yourself to some dates on the ICW tour. If you want to like Sha on the Facebook, do that here 

Credit to David J Wilson for the wonderful photos. Also Oli Sandler, Tony Knox and anyone else. 



ICW Square Go Review 2015 (Hauners From David J Wilson)

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The 8 Favourites To Win The 2015 Square Go According To Snapmare Necks

sqgoIt’s here again, so let the rampant speculation as to who might win the fucking thing begin. A rumble comprising 30 human people is usually seen as a bit of a lottery, but even though I’m going to talk about a lot of potential winners here, there’s one very clear favourite in my eyes. A guy you’ll hear a bit about later. Until then we’ll talk about some other, less bear-like people who will probably give it a right good go themselves. Best of luck to them all. All 29 of you combined can’t match the immovable centre of gravity a certain big Irish guy possesses, but I think I’ve sooked up his erse enough for now. He’s also very agile. Ok, now I’m done.

1. Mark Coffey


He’s my favourite for the Joe Coffey iron man challenge, but that still doesn’t stop this being a possibility. In fact, sack this. I’ve decided to cheat…

1 (REMIX) – Polo Promotions


Is counting all 4 of them as a single entity perhaps bending the rules when it comes to list making? Of course it is. Do I gie a fuck? Or ever comply to any rules and regulations when it comes to writing? No. Of course no. Snapmare Necks was built off a foundation of rule breaking and snappy catchphrases, and thats why we are Polo Promotions biggest advocates on the internet. So if its THE REAAAAAL DEAL Mark Coffey, SCOTLANDS BEEEEEEEST WRESTLER Jackie Polo, Shagger Of The Century DCT, or a guy wae a whistle COOOOOACH TRIP. It might be Polo Promotions no matter what. Because team-work makes the dream work.

2. Joe Coffey

joeWell he entered as a favourite after an Iron Man match last year, so why not this year? He has a title shot in his back pocket, so what the fuck does he have to lose. Even running off fumes, some daftys can still be clotheslined over some ropes. Not a fuckin worry.

3. Mikey Whiplash


He who has won a Square Go. Knows how to eh…win another one. So aye. In fact, as much as Whiplash deserves individual praise, I’m gonnae cheat for this one as well. Hold on.

3. Anyone who has previously won a Square Go or high profile Battle Royal

Can we rule Renfrew out? How much of a Renfrew thing would it be to cash in, lose and just go “fuck it, I’m winning this yin anaw”. Red Lightning is getting all the column inches here anaw, but he is the king of sleekitness and could make it happen if he’s had his spinach after he beats Joe 18-0 in the Iron Man match, but aye. Whiplash. In that sort of shape, having already won the fucker before, and having a faint aura scary bastardness about him. Especially with the prospect of Tommy End and Dante uniting with him. In fact, ye know what. I’m gonnae cheat again. Hold on.

3. Anyone who has previously won the Square Go, and The Sumerian Death Squad + Whiplash

sdsAye. All of these people could do it. This list is a fucking mess now but nae regrets. On to the next. An Ayrshire lad named Noam fuckin Dar. Hold the fuckin tae yer married though.

4. Noam Dar 

noamProgress are running a show on the same day, and I’m quite lazy so I’ve not actually checked if he’s on that card. If he’s not, I’m making him my own personal second favourite to win this. Well obviously he’s my first favourite in life, but this here battle royal he’s picking up the silver strap…I mean…..medal? Aye. That. Purely because he’s wee, and this other guy’s heavy big, but in terms of making sense wrestling wise, Joe Coffey vs Noam Dar for the ICW Title on some card, somewhere is a thing that makes more sense than all the other things combined.

5. Grado

gradoHave I included Grado for a reason to use that amazing photo of him and Hardcore Holly? Perhaps. Is that any business of yours? Aye. Of course it is. You are the audience and your opinion matters. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Will Grado win it? I seriously doubt it considering his hauners are few and far between (I’m about to cheat again here btw) I mean he has the Buckies and maybe Fito at a push, but pretty much everyone else would like to put him out, and also, so would the Buckies and Fito if the chance presented itself. Sometimes it disnae pay to be a celebrity Grado mate. Anyway, there’s also the added alement of BUCKIES VS SHA AND STONE, and that will be used as an excuse to cheat again…

5 REVISED – Grado and The Buckies vs Sha and Stone

sha toneIf that becomes an all out war, everyone else might be a casualty of that. Does any of this patter actually matter when I’ve not spoke about my favourite yet? Probably. It’ll matter to someone anyway, but aye. Dont count big Sha or Stone out, because battering Grado seems to rev their engines, and a revved engine is the best kind of engine for winning Square Go’s. Know what else is good for it? Bucky.

6. Kid Fite


Fito has been cracking for around a year. I keep saying that, but it’s true. Watch his wrestling things and tell me otherwise. The difficult thing for Fito when it comes to winning something like this is that a pair of exposed baws might actually do him a lot of good. How keen are you to go near a guy with his baws out? Exactly. So whilst I understand why Fito wanted to move away from that side of his game, the fact of the matter is, a win’s a win. If you need to whap yer meaty clackers out and show them to a bunch of men in a ring with you, fuckin dae it.

7. Big Damo


And here we are. To my favourite. Would make more sense to list him last eh? None of this has made any sense anyway. It’s a top 8 and I’ve spoken about literally everyone with a chance apart fae maybe Divers. This is Big Damo’s to lose though. Simple as that, he’s the biggest, most imposing, most agile (for a bear), most angry, most hairy, most incredible, most experience in rolling beer barrels, most genetic likenesses to a wooly mammoth and last but not least, most likely to win the Square Go. I reckon it would make sense because he’s a believable winner/batterer in general, and he would be inclined to cash in the title shot in a straight up match because he’s not a shitebag, so it would stop the Square Go winner being a central storyline next year and leave it open to allsorts. As good as the Renfrew storyline has been, to keep it going for ages again would exhaust folk. So Damo is my personal favourite to win the fucker, and I was gonnae write that even before he pulled me up for not including him in the Joe Coffey article 😉


8. Kenny Williams


So why keep Kenny Williams to last? Because he’s the most electrying man in Glasgow based sports entertainment? Aye. Thats exactly it. No gonnae dae that whole question talking thing for ages again and lead ye on, he’s purely last because he’s exciting and I want the reading experience to end on a high. How did ye find it anyway? I think typo wise its no bad, so that’s always good. Kenny keeps defending that title and winning those defences, so its natural that he should be looking to follow in the imaginary footsteps of the man he recently retired who claimed he intended to “take home all the titles…the heavyweight and the zero-g….because we know expected Joe Hendry, but instead its yer pal Kenneeee” I mean why the fuck not? Shawn Michaels can win a Rumble, Kenny Williams can win the Square Go.


Jack Gallagher

Won The SWA Battlezone this year by making two Coffeys vanish. If that disnae make him a serious Square go contender, then I’m not the most entertaining Scottish wrestling blogger in the land. He might. But he probably wont.

To clarify, this blog is for entertainment purposes only. Any complaints regarding protocol can be referred to someone who gives a fuck. Enjoy the show everyone. It should be tremendous, and my body is ready. Is yours?


ICW Brush Your Goose Review

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