ICW – Fear and Loathing 8 Review (AT THE SOLD OUT SECC)



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BT Gunn vs Wolfgang – The End Of The World (As We Know It)



Dearie me. This is it eh?

There are very few matches in wrestling that can give you the feeling Wolfgang vs BT Gunn in a steel cage does. With the rivalry coming to boiling point, having seen them knock the utter fuck out of one and other for the best part of a year, this is the one. The brutality that was the Dog Collar Match will look like a stroll in the park with the dog after this. The last man standing match will look like some sort of really violent two-man yoga session compared to this. Even the massacre of Wolfgang in London will look like a surprise party compared to the pain these two are going to inflict on each other this Sunday. Renfrew vs Drew has a prize-fight sort of feel. Fuelled by the drive to win. Fuelled by mutual respect, and mutual disrespect at the same time. BT Gunn vs Wolfgang is a wee bit different. BT Gunn vs Wolfgang is driven by the basic human emotions we all experience in life from time to time. Frustration, unrequited love and the innate desire to knock fuck out of your cousin. Continue reading

An Interview With Mikey Whiplash


I won’t lie, this is the one interview in the world I never expected to get. Back when I didn’t take this quite as seriously as I do now, I don’t think Mikey Whiplash was a great fan of my writing. Which is sound. I think I won him over a bit, and I’d be utter shite at this if I didn’t at least try to get him to answer a few questions for us. He done so in a most entertaining manner. Continue reading

An Interview (regarding Drew) with Chris Renfrew


Done a few interviews with Renfrew in my time, in fact. I’ll not even lie. He’s the reason there’s any interviews on the site. I wanted to do them and had asked him before, but I was a shitebag and probably wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. He wanted to talk about Still Smokin and basically told me to get the finger out n dae it. So here we are. Probably the 4th one we’ve done. Maybe 5th. I will interview some fresh new human wrestlers over the course of the year, but at the end of the day, there isn’t anyone better at articulating his thoughts and feelings in this way than Renfrew. Some people need the mic and the cameras pointed at them to produce gold, and thats fine. Some of my favourite promo guys in the world can probably barely spell their own name, but credit must go to Renfrew for using things like social media, and sites like this to his full advantage. Get your name, and who you are out there as much as humanly possible. I’m sure you’re well aware Renfrew has the biggest match of his career coming up so I thought he might have an interesting word or two to say about that. I was absolutely correct.

So we’ve done a few interviews now. Some more character Renfrew, some more real Renfrew. So I wanted to get pure deep and introspective, and ask you, how similar is the real Renfrew to the bad bastard heel we see at ICW? Continue reading

ICW Fear and Loathing 7 Preview (BARROWLANDS – GLESGA – YASS)

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ICW – Lucy In The Sky With Divers Review (LEEDS)


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