PBW – Live in Dumbarton Review


A triumph. Nae two ways about it. When yer scrambling to get folk in the door, and get their arses on a seat 10-15 minutes after yer show’s due tae start, it’s a triumph. The Dumbarton Burgh Hall was packed tae the rafters for PBW in Dumbarton. 400+ bodies in there. Sold oot. A wee sprinkling of folk from the Kamikaze promotion based in Birmingham, and a couple of wonderfully talented Japanese guys who I had the pleasure of seeing strut their stuff at SWA the previous night in there with yer usual blend of quality local talent, and a wee dose of Uhaa Nation in that boiling pot anaw, because the people of Dumbarton deserved to be dazzled. Diversity in Dumbarton. Lots of words beginning wae the letter D. Alliteration is fun, but no as much fun as wrestling.

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SWA – The Next Chapter Review


There was apprehension in the air as we approached Cumbernauld for SWA – The Next Chapter, and it wis absolutely nothing to do wae anything wrestling related. Anytime I’m in Cumbernauld I feel like the infinite greyness that surrounds the place is gonnae take my soul, but I was pleasantly surprised tae be greeted at the front door by none other than the smiling face of Jam O’Malley. That’s when ye know its gonnae be alright. He re-assuringly welcomed us at the door, and shot a knowing wink in my direction like he wis assuring us “yer souls are safe here guys”  so ye know whit? maybe I misjudged you Cumbernauld. Soured by years of enduring a mind numbing education in your horrendous embrace, I saw nothing of the beauty in the place. The beauty in the fact that there are two Greggs branches in the one shopping centre. Blinded tae the fact that the Cumbernauld has the remarkable statistic of having 1 roundabout tae every 5 humans living there, and blinded to the fact that St Maurices High School wis clearly some sort of mecca for brilliant wrestling. SWA have never failed to deliver in the shows of theirs I’ve been at right enough, but this was a stoater across the board for me. Providing a diverse blend of yer classic “baddie vs goodie” dynamic for the weans and the simpletons combined with 4 of the best wrestling matches yer likely to see this year (At least in Cumbernauld anyway, although I did see a young guy gettin dragged about the toon centre by the collar a few months back, but ye couldnae ever call that one a fair fight I don’t think. She didnae have a collar for a start) for the bearded sweaty marks and pale faced lassies. When I think about it I probably have elements of all 4 of those groups in me, so that makes this the perfect show eh? Only way tae find out if it was is tae read on. Or ask someone else who was there. Ye might get a quicker answer tbh, cause I’m gonnae haver shite for a while. Ye intae it? Good.

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