ICW – The Goggles They Do Nothing Preview


Another pilgrimage tae Edinburgh aye? Would love tae tell ye I’m sick of the sight of the fuckin place, but I actually grow to appreciate it more and more with each visit. If ye can look past the cunts bumpin intae ye, and looking at yer withered Glaswegian face and sighing to themselves, its actually a nice city. Aesthetically pleasing, and the roaster-to-ride ratio burd wise is far more favourable than it is in Glesga (Talking about the City Centre there eh, I assume as ye move towards Tynecastle, the landscape becomes more dense wae those of the snaggletoothed persuasion) Anyway aye. Wrestling! Thats what we’re aw here for eh? A wee streetfight, some titles on the line, a couple of fractured tag teams going head to head, and eh….Mikey Whiplash quite possibly reducing oor Yum Yum tae something resembling the baked good he shares a name wae. So without further ado, lets preview.

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