What’s In A Name? The Ballad of Finn Balor (and the demonisation of WWE)



“Fuckin Finn Balor….what the fuck WWE?!?!? Did you just open up a book of generic Irish names, and the first one you sneezed on was the name you gave him? I knew WWE were going to ruin him…..soon as he signed on the dotted line, I just knew…” Continue reading

The Daily Thing – Day Two (ROH PPV Special)

So yer ROH had their first proper PPV last night, and rather than writing a full review I thought I’d adapt this new venture intae an ROH SPECIAL BAYBAAAAAY. The show was an absolute belter and left me THIRSTIN for more ROH. I’m a casual ROH fan at best tbh. If someone draws my attention to something crackin, then I’ll go out of my way to watch it, but I’m not in the habit of watching their stuff regularly, and that’s something that needs tae change, cause this show was stellar from top to bottom. As were the two recent joint shows they done with NJPW.

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ROH – Global Wars Review (by Connie Williams)

I’d have ate cat shite, dug shite, human shite. Any shite, to have been in attendance at either Global Wars or War of the Worlds. I’m not fond of shite by the way, the ppv’s were just astonishing in every way shape and form, that eating shite to be there in person would 100% be worth it. It’s taken me daaaaays to review both ppv’s. I like to think I’m pretty good at knowing my wrestling moves, but after viewing both these shows and attempting to review them I realised I’m quite pish.
I know some people have yet to see either of the ppv’s and my advice to you, as a friend is GET THEM WATCHED. Global Wars was the first of two shows co produced by ROH and NJPW. When I heard the news that this was happening I knew I had to watch it. Nothing could stand in my way. So far I’ve watched both Global Wars and WOTW 3 times each just to try and take it all in. I still haven’t. Let us begin.

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